Villa Parker Wedding In Denver, CO

It absolutely poured during Calla and Fiz’s wedding ceremony. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that rain on your wedding day is actually good luck because it means that you and your partner can weather any storm together. I can see that this absolutely holds true for this relationship as C + F were joyfully beaming their entire ceremony. (Scroll to see sweet Calla wringing out her train following their ceremony!)

If you are looking for a picture-perfect venue for your special day, then Villa Parker is exactly what you are looking for. Conveniently located relatively close to DIA and offering spectacular Mediterranean architecture and impeccably maintained gardens, Villa Parker is the perfect place to say “I do”. From the stunning archways to the lush plants arranged with care, Villa Parker offers not only a beautiful picture but also an unforgettable experience. Every aspect of this venue allows you to fully appreciate its grandeur and share in the love that will fill your wedding day with joy.

Calla and Fiz’s Albanian wedding at Villa Parker in Denver CO

First Look

Villa Parker Denver Colorado Wedding Venue
Villa Parker Denver Colorado Wedding Venue


On their wedding day, these two lovebirds radiated with happy genuine joy. It was the day they had been celebrating for a year—their actual wedding date had already come and gone, but they wanted to have a fun bash so their friends and family could join in on the celebration. Smiling from ear to ear, it was clear that these two were absolutely made for each other!

Villa Parker Denver Colorado Wedding Venue

The beautiful details of Calla and Fiz’s day. Something I especially loved about their wedding day is that Calla’s namesake is actually a calla lily! So she had a calla lily in her wedding bouquet and Fiz had one in his boutonnière. It’s special details like this that make me so giddy on wedding days!

Villa Parker Denver Colorado Wedding Venue
Villa Parker Denver Colorado Wedding Venue

Scroll to see Calla and Fiz partying the night away! Villa Parker is a picture perfect wedding venue nestled near Denver, Colorado. Whether nearby or out of state, it is an easily accessible location that offers stunning archways, lush plants and a Mediterranean influence. Each corner contains picture perfect moments.

Albanian wedding at Villa Parker in Denver, CO