UCCS Senior Portraits

Irina was a senior at UCCS in 2020. Their portraits were unique and thoughtful, and I’d love to use their session with me as an example to share tips on how to have a great senior session.

Planning your senior photoshoot:

1.) Develop a concept and/or vision for your senior portraits. By thinking of a concept for your shoot, you help to make the whole look cohesive. You can use this concept to showcase your unique talents or interests or to simply explore an idea you love. Irina’s concept was “elevated and classy”.

2.) Find a location to match your concept. After Irina explained their vision to me, I came up with a list of locations that I felt went best with their concept. We landed on Hillside Gardens–a wedding and event venue that allows seniors to come in before events for a small fee. The manicured patio and luscious foliage went perfectly with their “elevated” photo idea.

3.) Choose clothing and accessories that express your concept. Irina’s white dress and delicate floral crown were perfectly classy, and the picnic blanket, basket, and flowers helped to tie the concept and location together.

Something to remember: College senior portraits are often taken at one’s college campus. This is amazing for showing your friends and family where you’ve been for the past couple of years and to show pride in your university. However, a great way to show off your multifaceted nature is to take photos in more than one location!

Senior Portrait Ideas