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My childhood friend, Tauvi, was the one who introduced me to the magic that is Bri’s (the incredible owner of The Universe Conspires) jewelry. I remember being awestruck as I scrolled through images of the most stunning jewelry pieces I’d seen. The combination of her creativity and the unique (hand-selected) stones made for some beautiful works of art. Bri put it well in an Instagram caption that states: “I’m still gobsmacked by what the Earth can do with time and heat and pressure. Rocks are my spirituality okay! They tell stories of a history truer than a textbook”.

My mission in photography is to preserve memories and document love and passion. I most often do this by photographing weddings and elopements. But people are passionate about so many other aspects of life besides their partners, and when I find someone as excited as Bri is about their art, I get so excited to photograph their work! The more I learn about Bri, the more I realize their art is more than a means to an end. It’s more than just a way to make money – but rather an expression of respect and adoration for the Earth and a passion for artistry and metalworking.

Bri has been the mastermind and metalsmith behind this brand for over 10 years. I am so thrilled and honored that I could capture their art through photography!

Thank you to everyone who made this shoot possible:

Here are all of Bri’s links: Patreon, Instagram, Shop, Website

The incredible models: Ally Moseley, Delicia Jathanna, Flora Jathanna, and Irina Amouzou. Thank you to each of you – you all made this shoot stunning.

Colorado Springs Headshot Photographer
Colorado Springs Headshot Photographer
Colorado Springs Headshot Photographer

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