Colorado Spring Elopement


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How far in advance should we book you for our wedding?
Typically, couples book me about 12-18 months before their wedding date. I encourage you to reach out as soon as possible about my availability, even if you’re planning on a shorter time frame.
When can we expect to see our wedding photos?
I deliver within 8-12 weeks after your wedding. You can expect to receive the link to your high-resolution image files in an online gallery, where you can share the photos with your loved ones and order prints!
Do you have insurance?
I do! Just let me know if your venue requires a certificate of liability, and I’ll send that over to them.
What can I expect during my photo session?
You can expect a whole lot of fun!! I will be your personal hype woman and I’ll make you feel like royalty in front of my camera. You can also expect me to walk you through poses and to give you prompts that are sure to make you smile. During your session, you won’t have to worry about the little details like your hair being out of place or your collar looking funky. I’ll be sure to let you know if you have something in your teeth or if you left your hair tie on your wrist!
What should I wear to my session?
This has a lot to do with you and your personality. There’s no wrong answer! That being said, I do have some go-to “rules” that make choosing outfits a little easier. The first and biggest rule of mine is that your clothing should not have large logos or text. Brands and sayings go out of style, and we want your photos to stand the test of time. Second, NEUTRALS! Neutral-colored clothing works well for photoshoots for many reasons. For one, neutrals and whites always look great on camera and in a nature setting. Additionally, when planning outfits for your couple’s session, wearing neutrals means that it’s easy to coordinate the two outfits. There’s less of a chance of clashing when wearing browns, blues, beiges, whites, and blacks. Finally, neutrals place the focus is on YOU rather than your outfit. Third, patterns can be great, or they can be distracting. Subtle patterns are usually best. However, rules are made to be broken. The most important aspect of choosing an outfit for your session is that you feel like you. If your favorite outfit ever breaks every single one of these rules, that’s great! These rules are meant to guide you and not limit you. Something to note is that all of my clients receive an outfit guide when they book with me. It’s great for my visual learners out there and I have lots of examples of great outfits that my clients have worn in the past that you can pull inspiration from :)
Where should I do my session?
When you book with me, we will talk about your vision for your photos. After I get an idea of what you do and don’t love, I will offer up location suggestions! I know of lovely spots all over Colorado that range from locations you drive up to and shoot at and to spots that require hiking for a more adventurous session.
How can I make sure our engagement, couples, or wedding portrait session reflects our relationship?
Before your session, we will discuss your goal for your photos. Do you and your partner love to cook together? Let’s photograph it!! Are you two the most snuggly couple EVER? We’ll make sure to document that. Your love is unique and we can showcase that in your photos. We can get as creative and funky as you want for your session. The sky's the limit! The same goes for senior photos or professional branding portraits. Your session with me will be all about showing off your unique personality.