Boulder, Colorado Elopement

Megan and Lucas were the PERFECT example of how to thoughtfully include your dogs in your elopement! Let me explain:

1. They brought food and snacks not only for themselves for their dogs too!! They made sure to bring collapsable containers that can be filled with water for easy drinking for the pups.

2. M + L decided to share donuts as their first dessert together as a married couple! AND THEY BROUGHT A DESSERT FOR EACH OF THEIR DOGS TOO!!! It was so thoughtful and a great way to include their dogs in the dessert part of the day.

3. These two brought proper equipment for securing their dogs during portraits and vows. Many hiking spots in Colorado have very strict “on leash” rules for the safety of your dogs and for wildlife. It can be really stressful trying to hold onto your dogs and trying to take photos, so having the proper tools to keep them safe is essential!

4. Finally, they brought bags to clean up poop! One of the major “Leave No Trace” principles is to pack out what you packed in – and this includes your dog’s poop 🙂

Major props to these two for treating Colorado respectfully as well as being so thoughtful about their dog’s experience of their elopement :,)

Boulder Colorado Elopement Photographer

Destination Colorado Elopement
Boulder Colorado Destination Elopement
Boulder Colorado Destination Elopement